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Trail running – what I learnt from race 1

On Sunday David and I attempted out first trail run. It was more of a hike in the sense that the uphill bits were super steep and continuous. We eventually gave up on running and hiked up them. The climb was INSANE – especially the 500m climb we had to do after 7km. I was like “no!” but we pushed through and we made it to the top. The trail run we did was at the Funky Fynbos Festival in Gansbaai this past weekend. Last year we did the mountain bike race which has scared me from ever cycling on the mountain again… well for now at least. This year I really wanted to try trail running and I thought this would be an awesome opportunity. I was right and wrong – the view was worth it, the fynbos was stunning… But I think I should have tried something a little easier or a shorter distance for the first attempt.

A little bit of crazy_In the world_trail runningThis is what I learnt from my first attempt at trail running.

  1. Trail running is not the same as road running – it is harder.
  2. I can’t train for a trail run by only running on the road.
  3. I have to actually run on a trail or in the mountains when training.
  4. I must not hide away from uphill training when training – trails are in the mountain!
  5. The view is worth the climb
  6. I got to experience a beautiful place that road running won’t take me – the top of a mountain and running through fynbos tunnels.


The run was tough BUT I loved it… once I had finished and could reflect on it. I will definitely do this run next year again, as well as try some other trail runs before then. I really like how trail running uses more concentration than road running because I have to look where I’m running. Road running uses less thinking power because you just need to run in a straight line. I think I love both forms of running equally at the moment.

A little bit of crazy_In the world_trail running
A little bit of crazy_In the world_trail running
A little bit of crazy_In the world_trail running

I recommend that you give it a try… the view and feeling of ” I did it” after the run is totally worth it.




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