We got to do this again…

Katie Meyhew Photography, wedding photo

On Monday afternoon David and I had the privilege of helping Katie from Katie Mayhew Photography build her portfolio a little bit. All we had to do was put on our wedding clothes again and climb half way up Constantia Nek mountain for her to get some AWESOME photographs. The climb was totally worth it though!

Katie Meyhew Photography, wedding photo

There is just something magical in taking your wedding dress out and just looking at it that just grows as you put it on. When I took my dress out of it’s packaging all the emotions and memories from our wedding day came flooding back. I think I was just about as excited to put on my dress as I was almost two years ago. I couldn’t get too carried away with my excitement because we literally had 20 minutes to get ready and meet Katie at the bottom of the mountain. It’s crazy to think that it took a couple of hours to get ready before the wedding and I did it all again – including my hair in 20 minutes. I also think David was secretly impressed that I can get ready quickly.

What I really enjoyed about the shoot was how relaxed and comfortable it was. David and I were so much more chilled  and more comfortable than on our wedding day. I think it was because the excitement/overwhelming feeling of “we’re married” wasn’t there and we had no time limit to get back to the reception. We were just able to have fun together. I also think Katie helped a lot by directing us and making us feel comfortable. I can be such a “tense chop” when it comes to public displays of affection and photographs.

Here is a sneak peak of the pictures she took.


Katie Meyhew Photography, wedding photo

Katie Meyhew Photography wedding photo

I also think God used this opportunity to remind my heart just how much I love doing life with David. I think after Monday I am even more in love with this man than ever before!


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