Weekends are for connecting

A little bit of crazy connection

WOW! The weekend went past quite quickly, but it was really good. It was busy but busy in a way that allowed David and myself space to connect with people and each other. Connecting with people is one of my favourite things to do. Sometimes I feel like life can get SO busy that we end up only seeing our friends once in blue moon. This results in us ending up missing each other, as well as everything that is happening in our lives. This happens a bit too often for me, where I miss people but I really want to and have committed to trying to connect more often with my friends, family and important people in my life.

On Friday evening we had dinner with Rob, who has moved back to Cape Town from Ghana. He was working there as a paramedic but due to circumstances had to return home for good. We had a great time chatting, laughing and eating some great food at Dunes. They’re having a 50% special on all their meals after 6pm. Go and check it out, it’s totally worth it.

On Saturday morning David and I went to Home Affairs to apply for my passport. It was not nearly as painful as applying for my new ID and went MUCH quicker than I thought. I’m going to do a separate post on this later this week. After home affairs I had a chai latte with my bestie, Terri at Primi. This was a highlight for me. Terri is one of my favourite people to spend time with whether we just sit and watch a movie or have tea and chat. After tea with Terri, David and I squeezed in a walk and then I had tea with Courtney and Vanessa. They attend our church and for a while I’ve been wanting to connect with them and just spend time with them over tea. We chatted and laughed about so much. This was just great. After tea with the girls David and I went to a games evening at Luke’s house. I have now discovered a new love for board games – or table top games as the nerds call it. I also think that board games are a great for when you have event with a group of people who have never met before, such as when you have different groups of friends and you throw them all together.  Everyone gets to talk to everyone and you establish a common ground for them with the game.

Sunday was reserved for David and to spend quality time together and it was great. We had a lazy morning before going to The Meeting Place Upstairs  in Simons Town for breakfast. It was amazing and I would recommend it but it was the last day it will be open. The owner has sold it, but assured us the new owner wants to keep the same vibe and food. They re-open in August this year. I think we’ll check it out again after then. We then walked around Simons Town and visited The Warrior Toy Museum. It was SO much fun! The rest of Sunday was spend popping in at my mom, visiting the nursery, planting some plants, church and just spending time together.

All in all this past weekend was pretty great. I really enjoyed the time spent connecting with people. I also never took too many photos, which is why there are no photographs in this post. I think I spent more time enjoying the world around me and the people I was with more than “capturing the moment” to blog about later.




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