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When God is silent

I was chatting to someone recently who asked me a question about why God is silent/not giving her an answer about something. I didn’t really know the answer… Even when God is silent with me, I’m like “whhhhhhyyyyyy?” I decided to think about it and do a little reading. Here’s what I have come up with…

The first step in finding out why I’m not hearing God is to always ask Him if there us any unconfessed sin in my life, (kind of like seeking my heart), and then to work through it and ask for forgiveness. I also find this is normally the main thing that stands in the way of hearing from God and the typical piece of advise I get given when I say that I’m not hearing from God.

Over the last few months, well year really I’ve kind of been on a journey of discovering that sometimes God doesn’t tell me the answer directly, or as loud as a loud speaker because He knows that I know His voice. He expects me to hear him when He whispers the answer straight to my heart. I also found that I was so busy looking for the loud speaker that I missed the small quiet answer. It’s kind of like the loud speaker is for when we’re new at hearing His voice, so now He wants us to actively seek His quiet voice.

I’ve also discovered that sometimes God won’t give us an audible answer because the answer can be found in the bible. God uses many different platforms to speak to us, but I think we get a bit caught up in “hearing” his voice that we sometimes miss the other ways He speaks to us. For example, we know we shouldn’t steel because the God tells us in the bible we shouldn’t do this, so I doubt God will say yes, take that or do that if his word, (the bible) tells us how to behave or what to do in certain situations. This is one of the main reasons it’s super important to read our bibles – because God speaks to us through them.

Another reason we may think God isn’t answering us is because we’re not living how He wants us to be living and we’re not really willing to change to live according to His will. Kind of like he’s answered us, but we don’t like the answer so we continue to ask Him the same question. He then doesn’t answer again because He’s already told us a few time. This also links to my second paragraph on unconfessed sin.

I also found these two links that also explain why God may be silents., check them out here and here.

I do know that God always answers prayer, even if sometime it’s just wait but we do need to be seeking Him both in prayer and in His word to get the answers He has for us. I also know we need trust Him in the silence and have hope that we will eventually answer us, we will hear from Him and know He is always there.

I also know that God is also big enough to get our attention in some form so even if we do all the steps and still miss His voice He will do something to get our attention. This gives me a lot of hope, knowing God is big enough to get my attention.



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