When lies fill your head

One of the sneakiest things that the devil can do is fill your head with lies. I say this because he is very good at making things seem true by twisting the words around a bit. He is also very good at repeating himself over and over again so that you get super confused between his lies and what the truth really is. When it comes to the lies that fill my head I often find that it’s a slow fade from standing firmly on the truth until I am standing firmly on a mess of lies. What I would really like is for the slow fade to not happen and that I can identify the lie before it becomes a big tangled mess. When it comes to dealing with lies God doesn’t leave us alone to battle them out by ourselves. He gives us armour and community to help us, as well as the holy spirit.

I think one of the biggest defense we have to swat away the lies is to be actively putting on our armour daily. katherine bodmer armour of god

This can be found in Ephesians 6:11-18. The two verses that really stick out for me is verse 15 “and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace” and verse 17 “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” The only way we can know the truth is, is if we are seeking it out by asking God to show us His truth, as well as by reading about it in the bible. When we spend time with God praying and reading his love letter to us then we are able to stand firm and with peace when our mind is under attack. I really like the helmet of salvation, mostly because I always imagine it as one of those old metal strainers/colanders that my mom used when cooking. I like putting it on my head and pretending I’m a soldier. ┬áBesides my childhood memories – I also think it’s pretty practical verse. When I pray that verse I literally imagine putting a helmet on that protects my mind from anything the devil tries to fill it with. It also helps me to just calm my mind and reminds me to turn my thoughts to God and realign my thinking with him. Kind of like a renewing of my mind.

The next biggest defense we have against the lies in our heads is to tell someone about it. I often say to David I have this lie in my head and I’m just telling you. He can then speak truth to me and remind me of what God says. I also often do this with Terri, my bestie or other people in my community. Other people are able to see the lie for what it is – a lie, especially when you are too caught up in the web and are confused between truth and lies. They are also able to pray for you, which is pretty awesome in helping you fight the battle. I think the devil loses a lot of power when you bring the lies he’s filling your head with into the light. All that darkness will disappear when you bring it into the light. This is one of the really awesome things about community – they can pray for you when you can’t and they are also there to build you up.

a little bit of crazy

This may be the biggest one – well actually I think it is. We have the holy spirit to help us discern what is truth and what isn’t. We also have him to help us fight off the attack. Sometimes it may be hard to hear his voice – but I know that we just need to ask God for help discerning the truth and the holy spirit will help us. The more we tap in to God by spending time with him the more we will be able to know his voice prompting, guiding us in truth and filling us with the peace that only God can give us. When this happens we can just say to Satan to be gone and to take his lies with him.

When lies are filling my head I’m going put on my armour, bring the lies into the light and ask God to help remind me of his truth so I can squash the lies!


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