katherine bodmer a little bit of crazy
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You can come home now…

David left for a training course in Austria last week Saturday. I really did not think I would miss him this much. I feel a bit silly because I miss him so much. I also think yesterday was the worst when I wanted to call him to tell him something and I was like.. “oh, I can’t”.  We have been google video chatting – it’s like Skype every night which has been awesome, but I can not wait until I can see him and talk to him in real life on Saturday afternoon

katherine bodmer a little bit of crazy

He has been having TONS of fun in the course and getting along with the two other students. He’s been able to help the other two people on the course with the machines because he already knew how to do the things they needed to do. He also had to be a manager of the work in the test they had to do together, which is awesome! It sounds like he’s having fun around the town – apparently the shops are amazing, as well as the scenery. He’s going to see snow today – I am kind of jealous about this.

katherine bodmer a little bit of crazy

This is David’s “I missed the stop look”

YAY for 1 more sleepie until I can see his face again!



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